Managing information in a data-intensive world means holding on to all the little pieces in one hand without letting go of the reins in the other.

From customers to calendars, inventories to operations, there’s a lot to keep track of and it never stands still.

Here’s an idea:

Put away the spreadsheets.
Stop with the post-it notes.
Throw out the printed paper forms.

And in their place...

How about a single location for all your data that can be accessed by everyone – whether they’re working from the office or on the road?  And it’s password-protected.  For both Windows and Mac.  With the ability to output schedules, itineraries, contact lists – even a preview of website updates, bulk emails and printed reports.

This is what we’re talking about –

An integrated database to manage all your administrative needs.  With auto-fill lists, hyperlinked data, photo storage, scheduling, comprehensive reports.  Customized.

fig. 1: tracking films in a sample database

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