Case Study:  Heartland Film Festival and Truly Moving Pictures – Helping the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Manage a Flood of Data

Sister operations Heartland Film Festival and Truly Moving Pictures found themselves in familiar territory for many arts organizations:  digital technology made it easier for artists to submit projects, but in-house technology hadn’t kept pace.  The flood of submissions, contacts, press materials and screener notes gave the offices the feel of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice &ndash with festival organizers in the role of Mickey Mouse.

But Director of Operations Kevin Swiontek wasn’t waiting for the wizard to return.  Instead he called Evolution Workshop and explained what he wanted:  a system that could track films, venues, events, logistics, sponsors and contacts while differentiating each organization’s programs and providing comprehensive reports for third-party vendors like PR firms and theaters.

But why stop there?  Working within the original budget, Evolution Workshop identified additional data that would help streamline workflow, such as guest schedules, film stills, ticketing, program listings &ndash even airport preferences and transportation.  By working with Kevin and his employees, we were able to consolidate some twelve hundred pieces of information into a slim, effective database that &ndash because of its compartmentalized design – never feels crowded or overwhelming.

And all of it was finished in time to keep the broomsticks at bay for HFF 2008.  Sample screenshots below – click for larger images.

fig. 20: itineraries detail

fig. 21: reports dialog

fig. 22: list layout