Case Study:  Intellectual Property Group — A-List Technology for an Entertainment Industry Powerhouse

When long-time literary agent Joel Gotler opened Intellectual Property Group in 2004, his new operation boasted an impressive catalog of A-list clients ranging from sci-fi icon Stanislaw Lem (Solaris) to best-selling author James Ellroy (The Black Dahlia) to Pulitzer-prize winner Frank McCourt (Angela’s Ashes).  But with great success comes great paperwork:  IPG's files bulged with contracts, invoices, booking slips – the whole array of entertainment-industry documentation.  Keeping track of it by memory was too much to manage – and losing track of it was like throwing money out the window.

What IPG needed was a networked database that tracked clients, agents, buyers, properties, submissions, option dates, documentation and more – and it needed to be accessible to every employee no matter where they found themselves.  So that’s what Evolution Workshop built.

The result was a searchable, integrated system that automatically handled recurring terms like royalties and options; plugged financial and calendar items into accounting documents; eliminated filing hassles by storing legal documents on-board; sorted properties by genre, status, manager, client and a whole host of other fields; provided easy access to contact information for everyone from clients to buyers; and offered more reporting options than you can shake a stick at.

In short, it freed Joel’s staff to concentrate on bringing in the money.  Sample screenshot below.

fig. 15: image of the Ventures layout in a database for IPG