Case Study:  Seattle Int'l Film Festival – How to Tame a Filmgoer's Everest

For avid filmgoers, the Seattle International Film Festival is the Everest of events.  With nearly 500 screenings in three weeks, just reading the guide is a challenge – to say nothing of actually figuring out which films will fit in your schedule.

In 2001, Evolution Workshop took this challenge on, creating a spec database that offered all the information available in the festival catalog along with photos, trailers and order forms – all in a searchable, sortable, digital format that allowed users to rank films; compare their choices in color-coded calendars; select screenings and ticket quantities; print schedules, membership forms and ticket orders; and email their selections to friends.

The result was a user-friendly, stand-alone application that could be downloaded from the web or distributed in cafes, brewpubs and mailers.  A few sample screenshots are below – click for larger images.

fig. 17: film detail

fig. 18: splash screen

fig. 19: day calendar layout