Case Study:  Nordstrom – From Bike Messenger to Instant Messaging in One Elegant Stride

Nordstrom was our first commercial project back when the earth was young and the Internet just getting off the ground.  Headquartered in Seattle, the fashion retailer’s catalog division was responsible for coordinating photo shoots, managing props, booking models, directing layouts and taking care of all the myriad details involved in getting the catalog from conception to press.  And they did it all on xeroxed forms that moved from office to office via bike messenger and fax machine.

Then the head of the department had an idea:  Couldn’t all these computers we’re using for Photoshop and QuickBooks help us manage our photo shoots too?  Yes, we told them; they could.

In short order we became a fixture in the catalog division, interviewing employees, collecting paperwork, analyzing the workflow in action.  The result was a multi-tiered database integrating everything from budgeting and vendor proposals to shot lists and accounts payable.

A great project for a great company!  Unfortunately this was years ago and we didn’t keep good records of our work, so no screenshots are available.  For a better sample of our designs, try one of the links below:

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